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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th August 2017 Full Episode 5

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th August 2017 Full Episode 5

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying we are going Banaras tomorrow to do recipient puja on Gangaa ghat. Satrupa says every course of action will be done. Uncle/Pujan Singh focuses gun at Vikram. He shoots in air and hits the move floor with the gathering. Dada ji says Satrupa and Pujan will be Vikram’s business supervisor, Vikram’s underwriting will be required for everything. He speaks with his kinfolk. Pujan serenades Vikram’s name and moves. Pujan’s kid Avdhoot gets perturbed and says you move here, Vatsal took everything and left. Pujan says Vatsal will twist up discernibly proprietor when he turns 18. He grasps Vikram. Satrupa and her significant other look on.

Vikram plays guitar and sings. Satrupa sings with him. They move. They maintain chocolate to each other. Its morning, laborers keep the packs in auto. Pujan looks individual. Satrupa asks Vatsal

to get a move on. She slides and sees a man coming. The individual says Choti Maa, its immense event of Vatsal, I have to follow along. She says Vatsal is not your kin, I m not your Choti Maa, go from here. He says I m similarly lively for Vatsal. Satrupa’s significant other Baldev returns yet again. Dada ji says Baldev, I should not see this face yet again. Baldev asks for that the individual go to his room. The individual says Papa, I should be a bit of this occasion. Baldev says I m not your Papa, I basically have one youngster, Vatsal.

Vikram stops the individual and says I will come Banaras on one condition, my kin will go with me. Everyone looks on. Avdhoot says we are set, we will make the young woman do a thing tune. Pujan calls some person and says we are leaving with Vatsal, he should not come back from Banaras, I will meet and clear up everything, be readied. Everyone gets out.

Anami says I couldn’t care less for this today. Her mum demands that her have sweets. Anami leaves on her bike. Her mum says your dad is on ghat, do the birthday puja. Satrupa and family accomplish Banaras. They all go to the ghat for puja. Anami and her kin look on. She says paying little heed to the likelihood that they are rich, their head should bow down in Banaras, once you get affirmation in english school your english will get strong. Vikram’s abhishek is done. Satrupa smiles. Everyone favors Vikram.

Anami’s kin says if you don’t do puja birthday puja, mum won’t let you return home. Anami takes him in the gathering. Vikram gives the things. Anami stops him and says you rich people offer things to wash sins, this taught people to inquire. He says blessing is our commitment, not a show. She says your pandit is our purohit, move, we are getting late for puja. Vikram says give her the way. She goes. Vikram offers things to poor. Anami asks for that pandit do puja. He asks concerning why is she incensed. She says I do puja as per Lord. He asks for that her leave diya in ganga ji, all her trouble and torment will get away. Anami takes the diya and says birthday comes once in year, my mum is as of late Murari’s loved one, she will reliably be my mum, you have deserted me, I douse you reliably. A lady asks for Vikram’s Rakshadeep. Pandit says perhaps Anami took it. Anami leaves the diya in waters and says Swaha. The lady begs. She sees Murari and hides her face. Murari leaves with Anami. The lady looks on and gave the baby to Murari.

Avdhoot drinks wine and makes destitute individuals individual/Baldev’s other tyke move as the thing young woman. Pujan talks with goon and says I require result soon. The goon demands money. Avdhoot’s allies escape hand with Baldev’s youngster. Pujan takes the diamonds.

The lady goes to Guru ji and says I have seen Murari on ganga ghat today, there was a young woman with him, her age was same like our… Guru ji keeps her from saying. He asks for that her not survey it, what they are concealing since 17 years. She says I m startled, some other young woman took Vikram’s Rakshadeep. I don’t sit back and relax, the past is not relinquishing us, what should I do. He asks her to just watch calm, don’t allow the dim shadow to accomplish Lal mahal, you didn’t do any mistake or wrongdoing, keep it a secret. FB demonstrates Satrupa grasping her young lady and crying. She gives her young lady to the lady and says manage her, she is my daughter. The lady leaves from illustrious living arrangement. FB closes.

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