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Gimars Microfiber Superior Control Better Tracking Gaming Mouse Pad Mat Extended with Anti-slip Rubber Base & Stitched Edges

Price: mouse padMicrofiber surface for Well Tracking -Microfiber surface designed for pixel-precise targeting movement and best tracking while maintaining speed and control during gaming.Super comfortable when you rest your arm for the cloth;Equal thickness Stitched Edge Design – Without any change in sensitivity when Mouse glides across the pad during ...

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Multi Function Micro-Fiber Washable Dust Mop Slippers Cleaning Shoes – Easily Clean Your Floor Without Breaking Your Back (1 Pair, Pink)

Price: They are portable comfortable, practical & durable, convenient and effective to use.Machine washable and anti-bacterial textile. Perfect for wood, tile and vinyl floors, these slippers feature fluffy microfiber fingers on the soles that grab dog hair, gather dust bunnies and collect dirt.A velcro fastener attaches the cleaning cloth to ...

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Pressure Cooker Recipes: Recipes to Get Steamed Up About

Price: The best and easiest pressure cooker recipes are here! These recipes are for the electric pressure cooker and each chapter explains the perfect way to prepare beef, poultry, pork, fish, vegetables, soups and desserts. That’s right: all these can be fixed in the pressure cooker with minimum effort. For ...

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Republican Character: From Nixon to Reagan (Haney Foundation Series)

Price: “Politics makes for strange bedfellows,” the old saying goes. Americans, however, often forget the obvious lesson underlying this adage: politics is about winning elections and governing once in office. Voters of all stripes seem put off by the rough-and-tumble horse-trading and deal-making of politics, viewing its practitioners as self-serving ...

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